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Fauna Of Himapan Forest (Thai Mythology)

Fauna Of Himapan Forest (Thai Mythology)By ALfie Mella
Perhaps the most popular realm in Thai mythology, HimapanForest is the invisible woodland believed to exist in theHimalayas, in the India-Nepal border, just below the equallylegendary Buddhist heaven. The fabled forest is home to a greatnumber of mythical beasts that have become symbols of exemplaryThai traits. Some of such fabulous creatures are describedbelow.
*GARUDA: Royalty and Supremacy* Half human and half bird, Garuda has the torso and arms of aman and the head, wings, tail, and feet of an eagle. The kingof all birds is the favored mount of Vishnu, a deity shared byboth the Hindu and the Thai faiths. The Thai people honorGaruda as a symbol of royalty and supremacy. In fact, herepresents the Thai monarchy or government, and an artist’srendition of the majestic creature appears on Thai bank notesand on the royal flag of Thailand.
*NOK HASADEE: Ambivalence and Balance* A gigantic elephant-headed bird, Nok Hasadee i…

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