Thai-Style Fragrant Water And Thai Hom Mali Rice

By Saronkorn Seuyouyong

This very popular form of fragrant water is made from freshly
gathered flowers and contains no alcohol. The flowers used are
selected for their sweet and lingering fragrance, some of the
more common ingredients being the flowers of damask rose (Rosa
damascene Mill.), jasmine, “lam-chiak” (Pandanus tectorius Bl.),
“kradang-ngaa-thai” (Cananga odorata Hook.f. & Th.), orange
champaka (Michelia champaca Linn.), “chammanaas”(Vallaris glabra
Ktze.),bullet wood, “lamduan” (Melodorum fruticosum Lour.) and
“chan-ka-pho” (Vatica diospyroides Syming.). Other ingredients
used include the leaves of fragrant screw pine, the inner bark
of “chaluut” (Alyxia reinwardtii lucida Markge.),
sandalwood, Siam benzoin, jasmine and hyacinth (Hyacinthus
orientalis Linn.)oils.

Thai-style fragrant water is applied liberally onto the face,
chest and arms during the hot climate. It is also recommended
for use in cases of fainting. A thick made by mixing scented
marl with fragrant water is used as an anointment in various

Thai Hom Mali rice is indigenous to Thailand. In the past, it
has been variously labeled as "fragrant rice", "jasmine rice",
"aromatic rice" or "scented rice". This variety of rice can only
be grown in the hot, sunny climates of Southeast Asia. However,
Thailand has developed three varieties of Thai Hom Mali called
Khao Dok Mali 105, Khao Jao Hawm Klong Luang 1 (KLG1) and Khao
Jao Hawm Suphan Buri (SPR-A), which have produced higher yields
and higher resistance to diseases and insect pests. Therefore,
Thailand has become internationally recognized as a leading
exporter of this unique rice.

Thai Hom Mali Rice

Thai Hom Mali Rice has enjoyed an international reputation for
its aroma and the texture which is tender and versatile to blend
effectively with a wide variety of dishes. Grown only in
Thailand, Thai Hom Mali Rice is the world's only indigenous rice
with a natural fragrance.

Hom Mali, generally known as "Fragrant Rice" or
"Jasmine-scented rice", grown in Thailand has quality that its
variety grown in other parts of the world does not have!

Thai Hom Mali Rice is a traditional strain of rice which
originated from a small village in central Thailand called Bang
Klar. In the early 1970s, co-operation between the private and
government sectors, seeking alternative rice varieties for
export, saw Thai Hom Mali Rice planted in the Northeastern
Region. the result were excellent and today the Northeastern
Region produces the finest quality Thai Hom Mali Rice.

It is also very nutritious. Thai Hom Mali Rice is a high fibre
grain containing vitamins B1, B2, Niacin, Carbohydrate and
protein. It is also rich in minerals such as Iron, Calcium and

Thailand is the top rice exporting country in the world,
averaging 6 million tones a year, about a quarter of which is
Thai Hom Mali.

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